fastexport flat file data prob

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fastexport flat file data prob

When i recently ran the fastexport, the output file was a flat-file format,

when i open the file data looks like this

 8¦ 8¦ R LNP SC" Ë  NONE NONE NONE  XX XX 0 0  NOV2009  774


864906 8¦ 4¦ R LNP SC7 Ê  NONE Y NONE  DE M1 0 0 

020599191249194124 8¦ 5¦ R LNP NC0 ô  NONE Y NONE  PC M1 0 0  NOV2009 +

here is my script......

.LOGTABLE db.table_Log ;

LOGON user id/pwd;



FROM dbname.table

ORDER BY 1,2,3 ;

.EXPORT OUTFILE "c:\Proc\win\mat\xxxxxxxx.txt" mode record FORMAT TEXT ;



any one help me how can i get the data proper order

and how to specify delimiter in FastExport i?
Teradata Employee

Re: fastexport flat file data prob

I would check your data in Teradata.
FastExport does not support the notion of outputting the data in VARTEXT format.
Therefore, what you see is wha tthe data actually looked like when it was exported from Teradata.
-- SteveF

Re: fastexport flat file data prob

I believe the basic issue here is Unicode character set. Please read the data file using a good file reader like EditPlus or UE32. These file readers/editors are capable of reading a file of any format the actual way it is and recognise the various formats. And please do not save the file once you open it from say Notepad since it will overwrite the settings and language preferences of the file. Or simply open the file from Unix using VI and it will givve you the same output as in UE32 or EditPlus.
The wierd symbols you see on your file are usually special characters and/or unprintable characters that are used to represent special symbols not usually present on your keyboard.