loading table using mload

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loading table using mload


I have to copy data from one table which has 2 billion records ,to another table.the target table already has some data.

Is fast export and mload the best option?While performing mload is there any setting by which you can ignore the errors encountered.. during mload ,i encountered an error after 27 million recs were loaded and the script was aborted. Is there any way to by pass this?

Any help wuld be greatly appreciated.


Re: loading table using mload

fastexport and Mload is correct option.Since your table already has some rows in it, Mload is the right option to choose.

Mload aborts execution/pauses when there is a error condition.Read the error message and correct the error condition.Restart the mload job after the error is resolved. Mload will pickup loading rows from where it has stopped i.e., the last checkpoint.But,before restarting mload be sure that you have not dropped any of the work tables,error table or logtable,during error resolution.

You have not mentioned the the error number in your post.It would be easier for us to understand your case if you can post the error message