minor bug in SQL assistant with multiple queries enabled

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minor bug in SQL assistant with multiple queries enabled


I found a slipperly SQL asssistant feature. I've just logged this with Terdata feedback, but not sure if it was the correct channel to log a software bug.

Basically if you use Teradata SQL Assistant (QueryMan) I'd recommend *not* enabling the option to use multiple queries in a single session (menu -> tools -> options -> allow multiple queries). This option is evil :)

It works fine to open multiple SQL queries, but the danger is later saving them. The default name for *all* of the multiple queries is the most recently opened or saved name. If you open thre sql queries, when you come to save them, each one will be saved with the name of the most recent query. Therefore your are likely to overwrite queries and lose work.

You've been warned!!!


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Re: minor bug in SQL assistant with multiple queries enabled

I assume you are using version 12.0 or earlier.
It is true that older versions remember only the most recently opened/saved file, so if you work with files you need to be aware of this.
(Many people use the history database rather than files)

Version 13.0 however remembers the file name independently for each query tab. Version and earlier will not remember the file name until you save it - it will prompt you for a name the first time you save a file.
Version (to be released soon) will remember the name when you open a file, so you will never be prompted for a name for Save - only for SaveAs.
Also note that in 13.x versions the options screen allows you to specify a default directory that will be used as the initial directory whenever you save a query that is not associated with a file. (or open a query)