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Yes, I'd like to use ^Z as field delimeter and 0x00 as row delimeter to construct the flat file as intermediate media to move data between external systems (HDFS and NFS) and Teradata. SQL Server bcp utility allows users to define both -t and -r It will be very cool to see similar option in TD.

Teradata may never support this feature, but I believe a lot of organizations are looking for suh option.


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Is there a way  to replace up to 10 new-line characters in one table column with spaces other than using Oreplace?

I tried complex substring to replace up to 4 NL after that it got messy


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You have not given an example and what you expect :)

Maybe you can try with regex_replace:

SELECT REGEXP_REPLACE('it is the first line

it is the third line is the second line ', CHR (20), '*')



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I assume Ekladios wanted to avoid oReplace because it's not installed on his system.

If there's no oReplace the probability to for a RegExp function is almost zero :-)


I assume your system is pre-TD14.

IMHO each system should have at least the oReplace and oTranslate functions installed. Some DBAs are very reluctant regarding UDFs, so you must should request them over and over again.

Ask your DBA how to write this query. And then show how easy it is with a simple SELECT oTranslate(col, '0D0A'xc,').

Those functions are used at many customer sites for years, TD14 finally includes them.


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oh! I wish all clients upgrade to 14.10 with all features. :)