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Hi, we are looking to implement the above and have hit a few issues. We are running using one que table per query, we have 75 queries of varying workloads defined via TASM. There is a user defined for each query, we are running the jobs uing a lst file like:

Scripts\query10.sql 1 Bench_usr_run001 QueryQueue001 1
Scripts\query11.sql 1 Bench_usr_run075 QueryQueue075 1

If we run this test for 5minutes we would expect the queries on TD to finish / be aborted. This does not happen, we see 4 queries in QTDELAYED, and looking in their queue table it is empty (as the test has finished). No end time has been updated this makes reporting using the view impossibly (due to looking for start / end time). Queries still running at that point stay running. All permissions on the control users have been granted, so am not sure where to look anymore.
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Re: tdbench

I did have this problem on one of our systems and found that the abortsessions function in syslib was bad. We delete all of the functions from syslib and ran the dip script to rebuild it and it works fine now.