tpt errpr occured

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tpt errpr occured

using TPT dos command(tbuild), I found this error
I can't resolve this error as below.

This is a restart job; it restarts at step MAIN_STEP.
Teradata Parallel Transporter Load Operator Version
Teradata Parallel Transporter DataConnector Version
W_1_o_import: private log not specified
W_0_o_import: DataConnector Producer operator Instances: 1
W_0_o_import: Operator instance 1 processing file 'MAIL_ADDRESS'.
Operator(loadop.dll) instance(1): INITIATE method failed with status = Fatal Err
W_0_o_import: Total files processed: 0.
W_1_o_import: aborting due to the following error:
W_1_o_import: Completed Successfully.

Job step MAIN_STEP terminated (status 12)
Job sc185100 terminated (status 12)

I fatched 8.2 load operator

Does anybody know this problem? plz, help me...
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Re: tpt errpr occured

I was too facing this problem while loading through TPT.
Then I found the "System Name" was wrongly specified in the Job window. It went smoothly after that.
Hope this helps.