Introducing Teradata Wallet

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Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet

Hi Butchex,

As one of many security measures, the wallet was designed to be non-portable.  We are aware that this poses a problem for some use cases.  If this does not meet your needs, please open an incident with our support organization with a detailed description of your concerns.  In the incident, please reference this comment and ask the support team to contact engineering.


-shawn   :-)


Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet


We have been successful in using tdwallet with CLI below, however cannot get same to work in ODBC.

.logon usps11/$tdwallet(u),$tdwallet(p)

What we are using to test ODBC below does not work.  Howevever if we put in the actual User Name it does.  TTU15.00 on Susie Linux.  What are we missing?

/opt/teradata/client/current_TTU/odbc_64/samples/C/adhoc -c SQLConnect -d devpridsn -u "\$tdwallet(u)" -p "\$tdwallet(p)"

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Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet

Hi John -- this appears to be a problem in either adhoc application or the Teradata ODBC Driver.  I think you or someone from your organization has already opened an incident. It is being researched.

Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet

Hello Shawn, We are running teradata 14.10. I installed tdwallet 14.10 on a linux server. I logged as user 'admin' to the system and added an item to the wallet successfully. This might be a silly question. Is the name of my wallet 'admin' (same as the username) ?

Is there a command to name the wallet with any desired name ?

Pls see below.

However when I use it in bteq, logon fails. What am I missing ?

I turned on debugging but a log wasn't generated.

admin@hostname:~>:~> TDWALLET_DEBUG_FILE=tdwallet.log

admin@hostname:~>:~>:~> export TDWALLET_DEBUG_FILE

admin@hostname:~> bteq

 Teradata BTEQ for LINUX.

 Copyright 1984-2013, Teradata Corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

 Enter your logon or BTEQ command:

.logon qvcdev/admin,$tdwallet(dbc_dev)

.logon qvcdev/adminusr,$tdwallet(dbc_dev)

 *** Error:  Invalid logon!


 tdwallet add dbc_dev

NOTICE: No password has been established for this wallet.

Enter desired wallet password:

Reenter desired wallet password:

Wallet password established.  Remember your wallet password.

Enter desired value for the item named "dbc_dev":

Item named "dbc_dev" added.


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Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet


There is no way to name the wallet file. The wallet can only be accessed by the system user that created it (in your case, that user is admin, so only admin can access the wallet).

The log was not generated, because you are providing invalid input to BTEQ and the wallet access not even attempted -- you can't supply the password on the .logon command this way.

Additionally I suspect you may be confusing the database username with the wallet item name.

Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet

Hello Max,

Here is the login command I used in bteq. Please correct me if I am wrong.

.LOGON SYSTEMNAME/DATABASEUSERNAME,$tdwallet(wallet item name)

.logon qvcdev/adminusr,$tdwallet(dbc_dev)

Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet

Hello - Anybody knows what could cause this? I forgot my original wallet password and tried to use "forgetpwd" option to set a new password. For some reason it is not allowing me to do so.

$ tdwallet forgetpwd

Password forgotten.

$ tdwallet suppwd

Enter wallet password:

ERROR: Password incorrect; please try again

Enter wallet password:

This is for TD14 in AIX environment and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet


Is there any expectation on tdwallet suppot for JDBC?


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Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet

We plan to introduce a password encryption feature for the Teradata JDBC Driver.

Initially, it will be a separate feature from Teradata Wallet. They may interoperate at some point in the future, but we do not have any plans for that yet.

Re: Introducing Teradata Wallet

Got this figured out, I just had to type incorrect passwords 3 times before tdwallet prompted me for a new password. Kind of confusing but got my tdwallet up and going now.