Optimizing Teradata SQL Assistant 13 Java Edition in a Citrix Environment

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Optimizing Teradata SQL Assistant 13 Java Edition in a Citrix Environment

Teradata SQL Assistant Java Edition release 13.0 is available for download. It provides an information discovery tool for retrieving and displaying data from Teradata Database systems.  Some organizations may have this application published via Citrix XenApp (formerly Presentation Server) and with a few adjustments this application will load a little faster and hopefully keep end users from hitting the launch icon in citrix numerous times.

:::NOTE:::  You will need Citrix XenApp Administrative privledges to complete all the tasks outlined in this brief.

The number one reason for citrix users launching multiple instances of an application is due to the delay in the application launch after the user receives the "preparing desktop" citrix login message shown below:

citrix start image

After this launch message from Citrix the user could have a delay in the display of the splash screen for Teradata SQL Assistant as shown in this image:

tsqla launch image

During this delay a user might click the Teradata SQL Assistant Java Edition launch icon two or three more times potentially launching numerous instances of the application.  This can produce error messages due to policy restrictions etc.   To help optimize the launch of the application and hopefully avoid a knee jerk IT help desk call by the user try using these settings:

In the Citrix Access Management Console (AMC) for SQL Assistant Java Edition under application properties, select "appearance" and lower the resolution to 16-bit from 24-bit, it won't make any noticeable graphicical difference to the user as the only real graphically intense part of the application is the splash screen.  I personally also like to lower the session window size but unless you have session settings locked down on the web interface the user can over-ride these settings.  Here is the AMC:

app amc

If you do decide to lock down the customization for web sessions in the web interface you will see even better results.  As always, this is not the only factor that could be slowing your application launch down as there are other factors such as login scripts printer mapping etc. but every little bit helps right?  :)

:::NOTE:::  Teradata SQL Assistant Java Edition 13 (in line with other Teradata Tools and Utilities) is not "officially" supported in Citrix at this time.

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