TPT Connectivity Issue

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TPT Connectivity Issue



I was having an issue with TPT "hanging" when trying to connect to any system outside of the Teradata Express environment.


I had orginally edited my /etc/resolv.conf file according to the instructions here and that worked great to get access to the internet from TDExpress 16.10.  However, I believe this affected the ability to move data using TPT as when I finally removed this file my networking issues with TPT was resolved.


Re: TPT Connectivity Issue

I created another script moving from Teradata to Teradata and that one is hanging as well...


Is there anything which needs to be configured on Teradata Express to allow it to talk to the outside world?  I had an issue connecting to the internet and I had to edit my resolv.conf file to add nameserver <default-gateway-ip>.


Anything else I might need to do to pull data from another system? Thank you.