TPT Wizard Discontinuation

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TPT Wizard Discontinuation

Aside from the TPT documentation, I was not sure where to post this announcement, so I chose the Teradata Community.


The TTU suite of products will be releasing versions 16.10 (3Q) and 16.20 (4Q) in 2017.


The 16.20 release of TPT will be the version in which we will include the final release the TPT Wizard. Beyond this 16.20 TPT release version, the TPT Wizard will not be provided.


The original intent of the TPT Wizard was to provide a tool to walk the user through the process of creating a TPT script. However, with the improvements we have made to the TPT scripting language (i.e. simplifying the language and generating schemas for the users, among others), we believe that the TPT Wizard has outlived its usefulness.


We are confident that TPT users, with the help of the TPT scripting documentation, can create a functional script easily without the need for the TPT Wizard.


-- SteveF
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