Teradata Developer Tools for Visual Studio 16.20.05

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Teradata Developer Tools for Visual Studio 16.20.05

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We are pleased to announce general availability of the Teradata Developer Tools for Visual Studio 16.20.05.
This product may be integrated with Visual Studio 2015, 2017 or 2019 and can be downloaded from the following location:


Alternatively, you can use the Extensions and Updates item on the Tools menu in Visual Studio 2015 or 2017, or the Manage Extensions item on the Extensions menu in Visual Studio 2019 to install it directly from within Visual Studio.


Note that this version of the tool no longer supports Visual Studio 2012 or 2013, and we no longer provide a version that is localized for Japan. In these situations you may continue to use the previous version of the product.


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This release of the Teradata Developer Tools for Visual Studio focuses primarily on support for Teradata Database 16.20.02 [a.k.a Vantage 1.1] and an assortment of fixes and minor improvements.


New Features

  • Support Visual Studio 2019. [Support for VS 2012 and 2013 has been dropped.]
  • Support new Teradata 16.20 update 2 features.
  • Improvements in the Teradata Explorer. (added in version 16.20.02)
  • Add support for files to be dropped into the Query window.
  • Indexes can now be dropped using the Teradata Explorer context menu.
  • Foreign Tables can now be created. [Requires Native Object Store on Teradata Database]
  • Passwords can now be changed using the Teradata Explorer context menu for a Data Source when that data source is not connected.
  • Improve outlining of a Select statement with a WITH clause prefix.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a performance regression in data retrieval and loading the result grid.
  • Fix an issue where Ctrl+Shift+Space after table/alias name in FROM clause was not working.
  • Fix issues with pane visibility when the Query pane is displayed below the Result pane.
  • Fix an issue where a change in Table Edit was not applied if Update is clicked before leaving the changed row.
  • Fix a parser issue where multi-word tokens were not recognized when split across 2 lines.
  • Fix a parser issue where a DATABASE statement was not recognized when it followed a comment.
  • Fix an issue in Teradata Explorer where database operations no longer work after cancelling a Drop operation.
  • Fix minor inconsistancies in the Properties for some Teradata Explorer objects.
  • Fix a horizontal scrolling issue in the Teradata Explorer window.



This tool will allow you to develop the SQL required for your applications without leaving the Visual Studio environment. However it should be noted that the tool is not a complete replacement for SQL Assistant or Teradata Studio. These other tools contain functionality that is not available in the Teradata Developer Tools.