Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse 13.01.00

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Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse 13.01.00

Teradata’s latest and greatest Eclipse offering has been released, and is available in the Teradata Developer Exchange download section (Eclipse_13.01.00).  Further, the 13.01.00 release builds on the 13.00.00 offering by boasting increased functionality.

 What's New:

  • Support for DTP 1.7.0
  • Support for Eclipse Galileo 3.5.0 (Eclipse Ganymede 3.4.2 – supported)
  • Supports Teradata 13.0 (12.0, V2R6.0, V2R6.1, V2R6.2 – supported)
  • Visual Query Builder Support
  • SQL Development Support

    o Dropping multiple tables in Data Source Explorer (DSE) or TD View

    o Grant/Revoke Privileges Dialog

    o Join and Hash Index display in DSE

    o Move space from one database to another

    o Null Statement support

    o SQL Result View Enhancements

    o Select Statement Menu Option

    o TD View Table display enhancements
  • Teradata Project – File Structuring Protocol
  • iBatis Support

    o iBatis Spring DAO Wizard

    o iBatis SQL Map Wizard


Need Help?

  • If you are new to the Eclipse world, Francine Grimmer has written an excellent article which includes a brief Eclipse overview and how to get the Teradata Plug-in up and running. (Getting Started with Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse)
  • Online Help can be accessed in two ways from the plug-in itself.

    o Help > Help Contents > Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse

    o Context sensitive Help: When a user is in a dialog, they can hit the F1 key to retrieve help text depending where they are.
  • Reference Documentation can be found at: www.info.teradata.com

    o Title: Teradata Plug-In for Eclipse Release Definition

    o Publication ID: B035-2035-119C