Transitioning from SQL Assistant to Studio Express

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Re: Transitioning from SQL Assistant to Studio Express

Hi Francine,


Recently I have transitioned from Teradata SQLA to Teradata Studio on a MAC. I would like to know answers to the following:


Query development View:


1. how do I make the "Teradata SQL history" window go away? In sqla, we had the option of "View --> Show History". But I don't see such option in Teradata Studio. I basically need to get rid of this window while I'm doing my work so that I have sufficient real estate and only see the sql history when I want to. Is that possible?


2. When my query has a syntax error and I do an explain plan in Teradata studio, all I get is a popup: "sql should be valid". For eg: If i run the query(has a syntax error, from is missing): 

select trim(grantee) dbc.rolemembers where rolename='xyz'

and run the explain, I get the popup: "sql should be valid". I did not receive the actual error anywhere (not even in sql history). In sqla, I get the actual error in the status bar below: "Explain failed: 3706 syntax error: expected something between dbc and ."

So I guess my question is: How do I see the actual error in my sql? Is there any way to get the status bar in studio just like there was one in sqla?


3. In the result view, how do I sort by multiple columns? In SQLA, I was able to right click on the result set and then choose the option: sort. that would popup another window that will allow me to add columns and choose the order (ascending/descending) for each column


4. In the result view, how do I filter on the columns while actually seeing the values. Currently when in studio, when I right click and choose "filter columns", it gives me a popup and asks me to insert the value i want to filter on. I actually wanted a window that shows me all possible values and then it allows me to uncheck/check any value i need or to filter out. This was possible in SQLA but so far haven't found the option in studio. can you advise?


Adminstiration view:



1. How do i do: "rights held by db/user", "rights on db/user"?




Re: Transitioning from SQL Assistant to Studio Express

Hello Frnacine,

I am new to Teradata Studio.

I am trying to import history from SQL Assistant.. Followed instrcutions in this post.  Sounds simple, but its not workign for me.

On the Teradata SQL History I click on Import History icon on the menu bar.  I get the Import History Window.  I select SQL Assistant History (*.mdb) for the Source Type.  Then I enter the path to the SQL ssistant SQL History (C:\Users\a313790\AppData\Roaming\Teradata\SQL Assistant) and select the SQLHistory.mdb file.  Click OK.  A new Window pops up and says:  Opeartion in Process.  It stays for few seconds and then disappears.. but I still do not have hte history loaded into Studio.   What could be wrong?