What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

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What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

This article will introduce the new features and performance enhancements that have been added to Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2. The focus of this release is on usability and performance.

Please see What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 for details of the new features that were added to the original 13.10 release.

The Query Window

An Open Recent Query menu has been added to the File menu. Whenever you open or save a Query file the file name will be added at the top of this menu. To re-open the file at a later time simply click on the file name in the displayed list.

A new tool button has been added to the Query toolbar. Clicking this button while the start/end delimiters of a logical block are highlighted will select the entire block. For example:

New options have been added to the Code Editor tab to allow you to specify the Font Style (Bold and or Italic), in addition to the color, for each type of syntax element.

The Answer set window

When saving an Answerset window that contains multiple tabs you will now be asked whether you wish to save all tabs to a single Excel workbook.

The History window

The Current Data Source filter can now be used even if you are connected to multiple data sources. This filter will cause it to display the History rows for all data sources that you are currently connected to. If you are not connected to any data source it will display the rows for the data source that you were most recently connected to.

Other Changes

A Re-Connect item has been added to the Tools menu. This allows you to reconnect to a data source after the session was dropped for any reason. (Such as your computer having gone into hibernation) By using this menu you will not need to Disconnect or re-enter your connection information in order to reconnect.

Note that the Re-Connect menu applies to the current Query window only. If you were connected to multiple data sources you will need to reconnect each one individually.

You may now specify a color to be associated with each data source. This color will be displayed as a narrow stripe across the top of the Query window when you are connected to that data source. In addition, the Data Source node in the Database Explorer Tree will be underlined using this color. This feature is intended for those who connect to multiple data sources at one time. Using the feature should help to ensure that you do not accidentally submit a query to the wrong data source.

The color can be set using the Advanced tab of the Teradata.Net or Oracle.Net connection dialogs. If you normally use ODBC you will need to create a Teradata.Net data source with the same name as your ODBC DSN and set the color for this data source. SQL Assistant will assume that they are the same data source if the names match, and will use that same color when you connect via ODBC.

Support has been added for the Oracle .Net Data Provider (ODP). If you use SQL Assistant to connect to Oracle it is strongly advised that you install this provider (from Oracle.com) and use this option whenever you connect to an Oracle system.


Performance has been improved when returning large numbers of rows. In general it will be much faster if you use Teradata.Net rather than ODBC. (This applies to the data return time only).

For Example. Retrieve 40,000 rows from dbc.columns

Version Teradata.Net ODBC
12.0 n/a 76
13.0 74 124
13.10 30 75
13.10 Edition 2 7 48


Here we have described many small enhancements that should make the application easier to use, and more responsive. I hope this article has made you eager to try the new version which is now available from the patch server (SQL Assistant or on the Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) 13.10 Edition 2 Teradata Utility Pak CD.


Re: What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

Hello Mike,

Can you let me know / insert the URL from where i can download the latest version(patch server (SQL Assistant )?


Re: What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

You can download Teradata SQL Assistant from T@YS


Re: What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

Hi can you please suggest how to connect to oracle database from terada sql assistant 13. i dont have teradata installed. I want to connect through ODBC, assistant 13 having only genaric JDBC, terdata connection profiles only.

Thanks in advacne.

Teradata Employee

Re: What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

If you work with Oracle it would be better to upgrade to SQL Assistant (available from the patch server) and install ODP (Oracle .Net Data Provider) from Oracle.com.
This will avoid the many limitations that Microsoft has placed on the use of ODBC with Oracle, in a .Net based application.

If you must use SQL Assistant 13.0 you will need to install the Oracle Client package. (from Oracle.com - latest version is 11.1.7 I think) This package includes ODBC, OLEDB and ODP.

If you do not already have the ODBC Data Source defined you can use either the ODBC Administrator, or the 'Tools > Define Data Source' menu in SQL Assistant, to create one.

You may also need to add a new entry into your tnsnames.ora file. (Your Oracle DBA can provide the required information)

Re: What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

I have 13.0.05 SQL Assistant Version and connecting to Oracle 11G. I have timestamp issue. I understand 13.10 solves this problem. Is there a link to the patch server where I can download this version? Your help is appreciated.
Teradata Employee

Re: What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

The only way to get to the patch sever is through your Teradata@YourService account. Contact your IT (or Teradata) support folks for more information.

Re: What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

I recently moved from SQL Assistant version 12 to and I am trying to figure out what replaced the "Allowing Use of ODBC SQL Extensions in Queries"option.
Some queries use SQL extentions and are getting Syntax errors like [3706].

I appreciate any help
Teradata Employee

Re: What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

Now that we use .Net we no longer have the same flexibility with the ODBC API.
SQLA used to override the ODBC DSN setting 'Disable Parsing' so that you could switch it on or off at any time. That is no longer possible so you would need to change the option within the ODBC DSN itself.
Use either the ODBC Administrator or the Tools > Define Data Source menu in SQLA to configure the ODBC DSN. Click on Options and then make sure the 'Disable Parsing' checkbox is not checked.

Re: What’s new in Teradata SQL Assistant 13.10 Edition 2

Thank you, Mike. We are using a different ODBC than Teradata ODBC to access our IBM DB2. I will try to find how to Disable parsing on it. We are using Shadow Direct (NEON Client 32-bit version