What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

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What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

This article will introduce the new features and UI enhancements that have been added to Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0.

With the exception of a few minor enhancements to support new Teradata Database 15.0 features these changes all relate to the Query window or Query execution.

This article assumes that you are already familiar with the features in SQL Assistant 14.10. If not, you may wish to read the following articles first:

The Query Window

SQL Assistant 15.0 uses a new code editor control to provide the Query window and SQL parsing functionality. This has required changes to the way in which some functions are performed, but has also added additional functionality.

The following changes will be observed:

  • The scroll bars now conform to your chosen appearance settings
  • Outline indicators now appear at the left of the SQL text
  • The background color of the current line may now be different from other lines
  • A narrow yellow bar now appears at the left of any line that you have changed
  • The bookmark symbols have changed
  • Quick-Info tool tips may be displayed when you hover over a built-in function name
  • Suggestion lists are now displayed for additional commands
  • The Find and Replace dialogs have changed
  • The process to Record, Play back, or manage, Keyboard macros has changed
  • Changes during query execution

These changes are described in the following sections.


The query window now supports outlining. This allows you to collapse sections of your query so that you can more easily read the surrounding query.

The following sections can be collapsed:

  • Case clauses
  • Derived Tables
  • Loops and If statements in a procedure body
  • Entire statements
  • Multi-line comments
  • BT/ET and Begin/End blocks

New color settings

SQL Assistant 15.0 allows you to set the colors used for the following items. These are in addition to the colors that could already be set in previous versions of the product.

  • Change indicator bars
  • Current line background
  • Collapsed Text
  • Outline icons/lines
  • Data Types
  • Numeric and String literals are now separate

Quick Info Tips

This feature will display a brief description of a built-in function, including the function template, when you hover the mouse over the function name. By default this feature is not enabled. Switch it on by checking the option on the Code Editor tab of the options dialog.

Insert function template

This feature will insert a template for a function when you double click the function name. It only applies to the new Teradata Table Operators and other 'complex' functions such as XMLTABLE that require specific clauses rather than simply parameter values.

For example, the following:


after you double click the name 'XMLTABLE'.

You can determine whether the 'double click' insert function is available by looking at the information displayed in the Quick-Info tips. If there is a blank line between the function template and the description then the insert function will be available.

Square brackets '[ ]' indicate optional sections in the template.

Curly braces '{ }' indicate that one of the contained items is required.

A vertical bar '|' indicates that only one of the items to its left, or right, is allowed.

Repetition of an item, or phrase, is indicated by 3 dots '...'.

Suggestion lists

A suggestion list of appropriate object types will now be displayed after Create, Drop, Alter, Modify, Show and Help keywords.

In addition, database names will now be displayed after the Database keyword.

(Unless it is a Create Database statement)

The new built-in functions and table operators have also been added to the appropriate dropdown suggestion lists.

Find and Replace

The Find and Replace dialogs have changed.

The dialogs are no longer modal so you can now leave the dialog open while continuing to work on your query.

The following additional options are also available:

  • Search selected text only
  • Search hidden text (The collapsed outline text - default is On)
  • Use wildcards (a simpler alternative to regular expressions)

Keyboard Macros

When you record a keyboard macro the Record button will change to a Stop Recording button. When you click this button to stop recording a dialog will be displayed that asks you to enter a name for the new macro. You should enter a descriptive name that will allow you to remember what this macro does.

When you click the Play Macro button a dialog will display the names of the macros you have created. You then select the macro you wish to run, optionally set the Repeat Count, and click Play.

You can also delete one or more macros by selecting them in the Play Macro dialog and then pressing Delete.

The macros are now stored as files on your computer so you can easily distribute these macros to other SQL Assistant users. The files are stored in the same directory as the syntax, favorites and member list files. The file name uses the description you entered, with a prefix of 'Macro_' and an extension of '.xml'.

Query Execution

When you execute a query only the portion that you are executing will become read only. This will allow you to continue working on other parts of the query without having to copy it to another Query tab.

You can now highlight and submit part of a Query for execution as an Import statement.

The approximate location of syntax errors is now indicated by red wavy lines below the text. These lines will remain until you next submit the query.

Note that syntax error locations are still only available when connected using Teradata.Net.

When the LOB Information dialog is displayed you can now use the Cancel button to return this CLOB column as a string, rather than writting it to a file. This is useful for data types such as ST_Geometry when you know the values are small.

Note that this functionality was available in some recent efixes but it was not obvious since there was no Cancel button.

Other enhancements in 15.0

SQL Assistant now recognizes the new Foreign Server object type and MBB and JSON data types. These are also included in the syntax examples in Favorites and Query Builder.


Here we have described the main enhancements in the latest release of SQL Assistant. I hope this article has made you eager to try the new version which is now available from the download center on T@YS.


Re: What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

Hi Mike,

New code editor parsing functionality and other features looks great. While working in the field, i was looking for a feature to compare DDL between two different teradata database systems in SQLA. I know SQLA supports multi-system connection but that would expect user to compare DDLs between 2 systems manually. Is it possible to add a feature to just right click on table in Database Explorer tree and compare from <Another Teradata system>? I get a lot of requests from users to have an easy way of DDL compare rather than doing a textual compare manually.

I think It would be great feature from user acceptability perspective.



Teradata Employee

Re: What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

We are not currently planning new features for SQL Assistant but I have passed this to the Teradata Studio team. I think they may already have a 'compare' option but I dont know if it applies across systems or just across databases in the same system.

Due to different syntax and options it would have to be limited to the same vendor even if done across systems. (ie. you would not be able to compare Oracle to Teradata to verify that you ported it correctly.)

Re: What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

Thanks Mike for the response and passing it to TD Studio group. I will try and verify in Studio. Basically,I was more interested in comparison across same vendor database like b/w Teradata-Teradata.


Re: What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

Hi Mike - is this available in tays for download? I cant find it.

Teradata Employee

Re: What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

The GCA release is not available for download - only on CDs. We will shortly be releasing the first TTU efix however, and that will be available for download. 

As in TTU 14.10 we will release complete TTU packages rather than efixes for individual products so you would download the 15.00.01 suite.

Teradata Employee

Re: What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

Comments in my code are causing issues.  Do you have any recommendations? or are there known bugs due to comments?

Teradata Employee

Re: What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

If the comments are before a CALL statement I have fixed the issue in [not yet available]

If the problem is not related to a CALL statement please send additional details to mike.dempsey@teradata.com so that I can investigate it. 

Thanks. Mike.

Teradata Employee

Re: What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

I should also have mentioned a second problem with comments.

If block comments contain asterisks that will confuse the parser so it will probably tell you the query is invalid when you submit it.

That problem is also fixed in SQLA which is scheduled for release as part of the TTU 15.0.2 update package in July.


Re: What's new in Teradata SQL Assistant 15.0

It states above that 

  • The scroll bars now conform to your chosen appearance settings

but I can't find how to update my appearance settings, and I cannot see my scrollbars.  What do I need to do?