Introduction to Teradata Client Software ( )


Introduction to Teradata Client Software ( )

Teradata Client  Software components include:


Basic Teradata Query is a general-purpose program that you can use to submit data,

commands and SQL statements to Teradata RDBMS.  


  C / COBOL / PL/I  preprocessors

If you use embedded SQL to develop client applications, you need these tools to pre-compile your programs.




Achieve/Restore data to/from tape (ASF2)



Queryman is based on ODBC, you can logon through a DSN and enter any SQL

statement to manipulate the data in database.




  Open Teradata Backup (OTB)


  Teradata Manager


All client components are based on CLI or ODBC or Both of them. So, once you install the client

software, you should configure these two components appropriately before you execute these

client utilities.  

Teradata RDBMS is able to support JDBC programs in both forms of application and applet. The

client installation manual mentions that we need to install JDBC driver on client computers, and

we also need to start a JDBC Gateway and Web server on database server. Teradata supports at

least two types of JDBC drivers. The first type can be loaded locally and the second one should

be downloadable. In either of two ways, to support your development, you need local JDBC

driver or Web server / JDBC Gateway running on the same node on which Query Manager is

running. But in the setup CD we received, there is no JDBC driver and any Java Development

Tools. Moreover, Web server is not started on tour system yet.

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