Marks Allotment


Marks Allotment


I would like to appear for a Basics certification test next week. I have ae couple of questions:

1. How 800 marks will be awarded to 45 questions? I think 600 is the pass mark.
2. In "choose 3" type of questions, if we answer 2 choices correct and 1 choice wrong - that will be considered as a
wrong answer as a whole or marks will be awarded to the 2 correct choices.

Also guide me where can I get some practice questions apart from Teradata site and coffing site.

If you have any, please send it to me.

Thank you,

Re: Marks Allotment


I think no one knows how 800 marks are distributed amongst 45 questions. Minimum passing score is 596 for basic exam.

Talking about multi-choice questions, even if you have answered 1 right out of 2, that question is wrong.

Apart from these two sites you mentioned, there are no other online tests available. It all depends on how much hands on exp. you have on Teradata..:)