Regd TD 12/13 Certification


Regd TD 12/13 Certification


I had cleared the first level TD certification (Basics) for V2R5 and was given the Teradata Certified Professional certificate . That was in 2008.

Now I want to clear my next level of TD exams . But I guess that needs to be in TD12. So , my question is will the exam that I took for Basics still hold good for me to appear for Teradata 12 SQL exam or again I need to appear for Teradata 12 basics? :(

Also, if you can suggest where can I get the preparation materials that would be helpful. 

Is TD 13 certification coming any time soon? In that case I will try finishing rest of the TD12 exams as soon as possible :) 


Teradata Employee

Re: Regd TD 12/13 Certification

The current certification available from Teradata is for TD 12. The V2R5 remains valid for the business/job market, however, it is not considered in the path for Teradata 12 mastery. Only a fully certified V2R5 Teradata master can study the extra new features in the TD 12 release and take the TE0-12Q: Teradata 12 Qualifying Exam for V2R5 Masters.

It is recommended to complete the exams for a Teradata version in a short-range sequence (and preferably to go for the complete path to Mastery if this is the desired goal) in order to be able to achieve certifications before they get updated. However, there will always be some time for completing your certification path after a new version is released. This happened with the V2R5 certification program which continued till December 2010 although the TD 12 certification program was released earlier than that.

Currently, TD 12 is the certification available and there are no other certification programs announced. More help about certification material can be found at this post.

For more inquiries about TD certifications please visit the FAQ page for Teradata certifications.