SQL Tuning courses now available


SQL Tuning courses now available

TeraTeam UK Limited (www.terateamuk.com) offer a 1 day course aimed at users wanting to improve SQL performance.

Target Audience: This course is aimed at Users who are experienced in writing SQL, and are handling large volumes of data spanning multiple tables. 5-8 people per session.

Duration: 1 Day (5-6 hours)

Topics Covered:
Efficient Data Storage and SQL produced by Teradata parallel architecture.
Importance of Primary Index
Efficient Join methods
Use of Statistics to influence the Optimiser
Use of 'Explain' to interpret the performance
Measurement of usage, and magnitude of potential improvements
Skewed Processing
Correct use of Left Outer Joins
Efficient use of Secondary Indexes and Join Indexes.
Examples of good coding practice to overcome performance issues.
Optimised Insert/Select.

Training FAQs:

1) How do I improve the performance of my query ? Answer: Arrange training with TerateamUk.
2) What is the query tuning based on ? Answer: 10 years of monitoring and improving query performance.
3) Which Teradata resources can be reduced ? Answer: CPU, I/O and Space.
4) What level of improvement in elapsed time can be achieved ? Answer: up to 95%
5) What is the feedback on training ?
6) Who should receive the 'Query Tuning' training ? Answer: Anyone who has only received SQL Training.
7) What do I do if I have not even received SQL Training ? Answer: We also supply SQL training