TEO 141


TEO 141


Anybody on here who passed TEO 141 or can help me in any way passing it?

I have all the study material and also purchased the app which did absolute nothing for me in passin the exam. Took the exam twice and failed it both times.

I Feel the exam is structured to Trick you! it really frustrates me when i find questions in the exam which is not provided in the study material.

I studied really hard especially in the retaking of the exam and invested alot of time to this certification. Can anybody help me in the right direction please?


Re: TEO 141

Dear yrstruly, the only advice I would give - read all materials more than once and try to think them through. Creators of the TCPP want us to have deep understanding of the topic though it is definitely very hard especially if you have not touched the subject in your day to day activities.