Application Error Table code 2797


Application Error Table code 2797

My MLOAD seems to have run fine meaning I got a return code of 0 but there is no data in my target table.

The only data I can find is in my Application Error Table (UV). It has ? in all of my table columns and all rows have an error code of 2797. I cannot seem to find anywhere what that error code means.

I am new to Teradata and everything mainframe coding and need help but can't seem to find it. Please help me before I go bald from pulling my hair out :o\


Re: Application Error Table code 2797

2797 - (from the manual)
Explanation: An MLoad apply error table row with
this code marks a missing-update event where the row
specified for update is not found in the target table.

This means that you have coded an UPDATE statement in your Multiload and have specified that you want update rows that aren't found to go to the error table.

If you don't want that to happen, specify "IGNORE MISSING UPDATE ROWS" in your Mload.

By the way, the manuals can be found at:

Navigate to the release that you are on. You'll probably want to download the Multiload manual and the error messages at a minimum.


Re: Application Error Table code 2797

This is handy for a quick check on errors:

select * from dbc.errormsgs
where errorcode = 2797
ErrorCode ErrorText

of course the manuals have much more detail.


Re: Application Error Table code 2797

Thank you so much. I finally found the message manual on the web. That solved so many of my issues. Oh and the Multiload manual did wonders explaining things so thanks to everyone for a quick reply to help me out!!