Backup of Production tables to the DR server

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Backup of Production tables to the DR server

Hi all,

We need to copy all the production tables from the primary site to the DR site which is in a different location. We have a pipeline proposal to use BAR solution, but currently we are looking for a temporary solution to acheive this. The current requirement is to take backup of full copy of data for small tables and incremental backup for large tables. would like to understand the currently available options. I was browsing and could figure out the below options

1. ARCmain(would like to understand if this comes with Teradata server by default or needs to be purchased)

2. Using the Teradata native utilites (like TPT, Fastexport/Fastload/Multiload)

3. Permanat Journal(would like to know how this option can be used)

Appreciate if someone can provide inputs regarding this.