Begin Transaction / End Transaction


Begin Transaction / End Transaction

Can anyone answer this one....
I have a procedure that is running inside a BT/ET transaction.
However it failed for no apparent reason yesterday.
When i remove the BT ET at the beginning and end it runs perfectly but when i comment the BT ET back in it fails again....sometimes. It's intermittant!

I've reproduced it but it doesn't make sense.
A restore has been running but I cannot blame it on that.
I can see it inside the transaction from performance monitor but my thinking is that if it comes out of the transaction at all then it should complete as there is nothing really after the ET.
Any ideas why this might happen?

Re: Begin Transaction / End Transaction

May be there's something like a DDL or so inside the proc ... :o
which is fine if you are just calling the proc, if you enclose the call in an BT/ET it could fail.

Or may be you can paste the code & error message.