C program interface for Teradata


C program interface for Teradata

I have a requirement to provide a way for C and Fortran applications to query and to load data into Teradata. This should work on Windows, Unix and Linux.

I have heard of 'Teradata Preprocessor2 for Embedded SQL' that seems to require a C library from Teradata and can be used to execute embedded SQLs in several languages including C.
Has anyone used this?
If so, where can i find this C library?
How easy is this to use?
Does this have any advantages over using ODBC connection in a C program?
Is this more platform-independent than using ODBC?

Re: C program interface for Teradata

it is always a good idea to use a well know technology to build your application, especially when you have requirement to distribute your apps to a lot of users. ODBC is a well established technology in terms of sending SQL to database and get the data back. The advantage is obvious, standardization, platform independence.