Data Structure presented to Reporting Tool


Data Structure presented to Reporting Tool

I'm new to Teradata, so forgive me if this is an obvious question.

In all docuemntaton I can find about Active Datawarehousing in Teradata it states that the data is stored in TNF.
Is this the format which is normally presented to the user, or does Teradata suggest a number of views (or similar) to present a more business oriented view of the data to the reporting tool.

It seems that Teradata does not encourage the use of Star Schemas, but I can't find any documentation about simplifying, cleansing, aggregating, or reorganising the data in other ways.
Without any re-organisation of data in Terradata it makes for a hellish metadata layer in a reporting tool.

Is there any teradata documentation about best practices of data structuring or creating a business view of the data over the underlying TNF view?