Effect of Teradata-NCR spin off


Effect of Teradata-NCR spin off

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As you you all may know that Teradata and NCR is going to Spin Off, I would like know the effect of this. On the positve sense I feel, If some Mainframe Gaints ( Eg: HP, IBM) purchase Teradata, then the product may have a stronghold. But I couldn't think the effect when Oracle buys it or when Teradata is going to be a stand alone Company.

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Re: Effect of Teradata-NCR spin off

NCR deliberated for some time over whether to spin off Teradata, but "we didn't feel Teradata was sound enough, really," said NCR Chairman James Ringler. "Only a few years ago, it wasn't making money."

Is he saying that Teradata is not making much revenues for NCR as expected?..
Whats his actual intention over here?..
I feel that NCR is going out of limelight with this spin off...
I think Teradata as a stand-alone can be a great success as its services are exploited all over in the DATA stream.

Pls debate.