How to import parameter file in AppCenter?

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How to import parameter file in AppCenter?

An AppCenter user would like to load a file and use its content as value for a parameter to run a job.

## Proposed changes:


In App service:
1)add a new parameter type: 'upload'. At app creation stage, the user can specify a parameter of type 'upload' along with existing types 'text', 'number', 'date' and 'boolean'. (UI change needed)
2)when a user executes a job, if a parameter is of type 'upload', there is a button next to this parameter for uploading file. 3)When user clicks       this button, app-service calls kubernetes API to create a configMap that populates the file in a volume: (UI change needed)
   a)Generate an UUID as the name of the configMap ('jobId' is not available at this stage yet), put parameter name and file content in configMap
    b)add generated UUID in job config and save job config as a string in job table (currently not saved)
       set up 'volumeMount' in container and also add 'volumes' in podSpec.
4)In JobWatcher, when a job is done, delete all the configMaps that associated with this job


In SQLRunner:
when replacing parameter with their values, if the parameter is upload type, read its value from mounted path and use it to replace placeholder in the queries.