How to see active AG weight wrt Priod (TASM...


How to see active AG weight wrt Priod (TASM...

Hello all,
I will appreciate if you can help me to see the active Allocation Groups weight at different time period. We have implemented TASM and Allocation Groups have been created using TDWM Priority Scheduler, When I use schmon -d, It display Allocation Group weight given during AG creation, We using two period default and daytime( 9:00 to 18:00), Daytime weights are different from default time weights but all the time schmon -d shows the same weight.
While using schmon -m, It also show the same relative weight for Default and Day time. I want to ensure that priority change on the PERIOD.
Schmon -d can show the assigned AG weight (non active) for default time period using schmon utility, from TDWM Priority Scheduler I can see weight for each AG for default and daytime period and that’s ok.
But I want to see active AG weight using schmon -m for both the time (default time is ok) but schmon -m not showing active AG weight for day time, It also showing default time weight. I want to ensure that AG weight change with the time period change which currently I can’t see while using schmon utility(schmon –m).Please guide me if you such experience.

Is there any alternate way to see Active Allocation Group weight apart from schmon utility cause schmon -m showing it correctly..

Teradata V2R6.2
OS tried MP-RAS and Linux.

Thanks in advance.

Badshah Rehman PS Consultant,
Teradata Pakistan.