New to DW

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New to DW

Hi all,
I am very new to the DW field and i can tell you that i
hav'nt even started working on that. I dont know which tool i am going
to use also(probably Business Objects). As my first mail to this group,
I just wanted to ask the support of all you guys.
I have some doubts regarding this.
1. What all are the process involving in the DW?
2.For doing the ETL... do we need to implement any programming languages
to code it or we need only to use the tools provided for us to do the
ETL operations?
3.What all things i need to know abt DW before starting to work on any
tool related to it?
Hope to get good support from all of you guys.

With Regards,
Anish Enos Mathew

Re: New to DW

I suggest you to visit and to get the fundamentals of data warehousing.
I can tell you that BusinessObjects is a reporting tool through which users view the reports developed either on top of dimensional or ER model.
To implement ETL,we don't use any programming language.To extract and load the data we use SQL only if the data is in RDBMS or any other tools/utilities
to extract data from flat files.
ETL is either performed through handwritten SQL scripts or through Tools such as Informatica,AbInitio,OWB,Teradata Warehouse Builder etc.

I also suuggest you to read the 'data warehouse toolkit' book by Ralph Kimbal.