Notify Exit Routine


Notify Exit Routine

I am trying to use notify exit with TPUMP. I have compiled my TPUMP notify “C” with cc under Linux. My question is

1. When this Notify exit is called?

In the TPUMP reference doc, the event ‘Interim Run statistics’ is called when Tpump is about to update the Monitor interface table or Tpump successfully completed a checkpoint or an Import has just completed successfully. But when I set checkpoint=0, every minute (I,e time difference between checkpoint end and checkpoint begin) the stat information is written into a file. The time difference is approximately 1 minute even when you set checkpoint =1 or checkpoint =2 or checkpoint =3 or checkpoint =4 or checkpoint =5 …. As per TPUMP reference doc, It should call the Notify exit every 5 minutes when checkpoint=5. Please clarify my doubt.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Notify Exit Routine

The SysAdmin.TPumpStatusTbl is updated once a minute, so this is the first case:
"TPump is about to update the Monitor Interface table".

If you add the NOMONITOR option the "Interim Run Statistics" will be called for each checkpoint.