System Sizing

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System Sizing

I was wondering if someone could help me.

Our Teradata data warehouse environment was incrementally deployed over the years and is now comprised of multiple nodes of different performance. We have Worldmark servers dating back to the 5200, 5300 and the 5400 families.

We are looking at upgrading/expanding our environment and I was given the task of estimating the performance difference between the servers and sizing the new system. I found a reference to a benchmark used internally by Teradata – Tperf – by which this exact calculation can be performed in order to asses the size/performance of the desired upgrade.

Does anyone ever use that benchmark for sizing a system? Is there any other methodology (or rule-of-thumb) that I can use? I was hoping someone can point me in the direction of this benchmark or explain how should I go about using it.

Thank you for your help.