TD 13 - 2580 model - TASM/ Work Load management

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TD 13 - 2580 model - TASM/ Work Load management


We have a Teradata appliance model 2580 - 2 nodes - with Teradata 13.00 installed on it. We dont have TASM/work load management settings done on it. Can you please let us know if it is possible to setup TASM settings and replicate work load rules from other boxes (other boxes are Teradata 12). Can you also please point us in right direction in terms of documentation and possible differences from setting up for TD 12 if any?


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Re: TD 13 - 2580 model - TASM/ Work Load management

First let's discuss the workload management strategies with the Teradata platform family. With the Appliance platforms, specifically the 1xxx and 2xxx platforms, we wanted to simplify the management in this space. So the workload management strategy on these platforms was focused on built-in capabilities and automation. As such, TASM is not offered on the 1xxx or 2xxx platforms as there is an integrated workload management strategy instead (less buttons and knobs to turn). So as one can see, TASM is an obvious differentiator for Teradata both competitively and across the platform family. 

So to your main question, you cannot simulate a TASM setup from another platform on a 2580 Appliance regardless of the Teradata DB versions that are running.