Teradata Schema


Teradata Schema


Could you please tell me which schema does Teradata follows:
Star Schema
or Snow Flake Schema
or 3rd Normalized schema

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The schema type you use is a function of the database design, not the database software you use.

For a full data warehouse, 3NF is the best at being able to dig into the data. But you invariably get elements of star or (more usually) snowflake for presentation to the reporting layers. These can be done physically as tables, or as views - where performance permits.

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Thanks Jimm,

This means teradata supports mixed type of schema ie it is basically based upon 3rd normal form but usually also supports star or snow flake schema implementations also along with it.Correct me if I have understood your point incorrrectly.

Could you also brief me why can't 4th normal form or BCNF be supported by Teradata.

Thanks again :-) ..
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Hi Ansh,
of course you can use 4th NF or BCNF, if you want you might use 5th/6th/Domain Key/Inclusion Dependency/whatever NF, too

You just have to design your datamodel according to that :-)