Teradata and Mainframe


Teradata and Mainframe


I will starting to work with teradata in a mainframe environment soon. Can anyone share some material and tips about it?

Teradata Employee

Re: Teradata and Mainframe

I presume that you will most probably be starting on JCL ...
so you want to get statred with basic stuffs on JCL .. how connections are amadeto teradata from MF ( channel attached) .. differences..
concept of PS.. PDS etc..

calling bteq scripts from JCL etc..

as you get along you will learn other stuff..

lot of online manuals do provide information on this.

hope this helps and happy learning.
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Re: Teradata and Mainframe

Please let me know how to call a BTEQ program JCL language.

Please let me know if you have any documents on it.

Sreenivas Pallerla
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Re: Teradata and Mainframe


We're running Teradata Utilities Foudation 8.2.2 on an IBM z/OS 1.9 system. We're planning to upgrade our z/OS to 1.11 and we'd like to know if this release of TUF will work under z/OS 1.11 or if we have to upgrade it to a newer version?

thanks in advance for your help,


Damien Wiater

z/OS system engineer