ecosystem explorer on a shared page


ecosystem explorer on a shared page

I want to create shared page with the ecosystem explorer job configured to show only certain columns.  I was successful creating a shared portlet to do this.  But, when I do this, the ability to click on the job and drill down into the job execution details is lost.  When I attempt to create a shared page, the ecosystem explorer is not one of the limited portlets available for this page.  The only content available to add to a shared page is System Overview (Productivity; Space Usage; System Health; Todays Statistics) and Session Management (My Queries; Query Monitor).  Is this by design to limit what I can create?  I am an administrator with full access to create a shared page or portlet.

Teradata Employee

Re: ecosystem explorer on a shared page

While the Ecosystem Manager Dashboard runs as a portlet on Viewpoint, it has been designed as a separate Portlet.  I cannot be leveraged as part of Viewpoints ability to create a shared page.