error logging and data cleansing


error logging and data cleansing


I am working on a project where we are getting source data in the form of flat files. We are moving the data from the flat files to staging tables in teradata using Informatica and fast load. From staging we will do transformations using Informatica and load to base tables using multi load utility.
In such cases, what are the normal methods or error logging and handling ? should I be doing some data cleansing as well before loading in base tables ?

I am new to teradata and any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated!


Re: error logging and data cleansing

Hi Maverick,
I am new to Teradata and looking in to the posts for data loading in to the DW tables. It appeared to me like that we have the similar strategy that you had explained in your post. I am just wondering if I get to discuss with you more about this kind of data loading. I have some concerns regarding staging tables whether to keep them inside Teradata or out of Teradata like sqlserver or oracle.
I would really appreciate if you could provide me your email to discuss more. My id is