performance issues in etl mappings


performance issues in etl mappings

hi guys,

can i know, why the etl jobs/mappings using high cpu utilization?

and how can we get multiful data from sourc systems(parallely)?

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Re: performance issues in etl mappings

Hi shiva,

There are various reasons why an ETL mapping can have perf issues

1) Source database cud be slw

2) Transformation logic cud be flawed

4) More look ups or joiners also cause perf issues

3) Target database cud be slw

You can find out perf issues in session logs.

For your second question:

You can make partitions at session level to load data paralelly.

Check partitioning in Infa Help.

Re: performance issues in etl mappings

thanking u for ur informaton.......

Q:-How we can do benchmarking for ETL processing?

may i know,what is the difference b/w performance testing and benchmarking?


Re: performance issues in etl mappings


Ur Welcome!!

Benchmarking is the process of comparing the cost, cycle time, productivity, or quality of a specific process or method to another that is widely considered to be an industry standard or best practice.

As we are discussing about infa here this falls under Product benchmark.

Benchmarking means "Fastest possible throughput" and "Highest level of scalability" of Powercenter server if you take Infa into consideration.

Perf vs Benchmarking:

Perf and benchmarking are interlinked- Performance of an ETL can be scaled against the benchmark.

It is simply like scoring systems in our schools where for a subject you can score 100, our score is the performance and 100 is the benchmark.

Hope this is helpful.