usage of fast export utility in sas teradata

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usage of fast export utility in sas teradata

Subject: Fast export utility(sas teradata connection)

Hi All,
I am trying to dump data into sas datasets from Teradata tables. I
have to dump about 25 milliion records in sas datasets from teradata.
I am using fast export utility of teradata.
I have created the COPANOMLOG, COPLIB system variables. I have also
appended the paths of the folder where fexp.exe lies and sasaxsm.dll
module in the path name of the system variables.
I am using sas 9.1.3, teradata client is 7.1.0 and teradata server
information is v2r6.
And this is the code that I am trying to run on the sas software.
OPTIONS Debug=DBMS_Timers /* Returns timing and utilization from
database */
SASTRACE=',,,d' /*Requests SAS generate code trace for all SQL steps
SASTRACELOC=Saslog no$stsuffix /* Tells SAS to write it to program log
*/ ;
libname mkt_it 'T:\Gita';

proc sql;
connect to teradata ( user=****** password=******* tdpid=tddev
create table mkt_it.bv_bookings (compress=yes)as
select * from connection to teradata
FROM marketingbvdb_dev.bv_bookings a,
marketingbvdb_dev.bv_fiscal_day_to_year b
where (a.transaction_date=b.calendar_date
and b.calendar_year_int=2002)

And every single time I get this error:
proc sql;
6 connect to teradata ( user=harane password=XXXXXX tdpid=tddev

7 create table mkt_it.bv_bookings (compress=yes)as
8 select * from connection to teradata
9 (
11 a.*
12 FROM marketingbvdb_dev.bv_bookings a,
13 marketingbvdb_dev.bv_fiscal_day_to_year b
14 where (a.transaction_date=b.calendar_date
15 and b.calendar_year_int=2002)
16 );

TERADATA_0: Prepared:
SELECT a.* FROM marketingbvdb_dev.bv_bookings a,
marketingbvdb_dev.bv_fiscal_day_to_year b where
(a.transaction_date=b.calendar_date and b.calendar_year_int=2002)

ERROR: Read Access Violation In Task [ SQL )
Exception occurred at (531A1437)
Task Traceback
Address Frame (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)
531A1437 04B5DD08 sasiotra:mcn_main+0x437
531A1D58 04B5E1B0 sasiotra:mcn_main+0xD58
6598F55B 04B5E418 sasxdbi:mcn_main+0x1E55B
04B7378C 04B5E480 sassqx:mcn_main+0x1278C
04B72185 04B5E4F0 sassqx:mcn_main+0x11185
04B720FD 04B5E5EC sassqx:mcn_main+0x110FD
04B718BB 04B5E628 sassqx:mcn_main+0x108BB
04B871C1 04B5E654 sassqx:mcn_main+0x261C1
04B839E2 04B5FF54 sassqx:mcn_main+0x229E2
600D118A 04B5FF88 sassql:mcn_main+0x18A
01272B02 04B5FFA0 sashost:Main+0xBE72
01276C20 04B5FFB4 sashost:Main+0xFF90
7C80B683 04B5FFEC kernel32:GetModuleFileNameA+0x1B4

sasiotra/tryottrm(): SELECT was processed with FastExport.

DBMS_TIMER: summary statistics
DBMS_TIMER: total SQL prepare seconds were: 0
DBMS_TIMER: dbiopen/dbiclose timespan was 33.
NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
WARNING: The data set MKT_IT.BV_BOOKINGS may be incomplete. When this
step was stopped there
were 0 observations and 53 variables.
WARNING: Data set MKT_IT.BV_BOOKINGS was not replaced because this
step was stopped.
NOTE: PROCEDURE SQL used (Total process time):
real time 37.77 seconds
cpu time 1.09 seconds

17 quit;

If anyone can please help me with this issue I would greatly
appreciate their help.