Working with Identity Columns and Unity Director and Loader

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Teradata Employee

Re: Working with Identity Columns and Unity Director and Loader

Hi Slemme,

That's an excellent question, which does cause some confusion.

This article deals with identity columns and a multisystem environment using Unity Director.

In working with multiple systems, even a function that is deterministic on a single system might be non-determinsitic when you run it on two different systems that you are connected to in parallel. For example, if you query the number of amps, the name of the system, or the current session id, the results might change across systems.

The DETERMINISTIC flag in Teradata has no connection to multi-system determinism. As you've stated, the DETERMINISTIC flag in Teradata refers to wether a function is deterministic in a single Teradata system. There is no equivalent flag for multisystem environments.

This article is discussing only non-determism (specifically identity columns) across multple systems - if you're not using Unity Director it's probably not useful to you at all.