Cannot add new system on TD Express 16.20

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Cannot add new system on TD Express 16.20



I'm trying to add my TD system to Viewpoint but failing with a TD security error. I could solve that if I could work out which user doesn't have the required Access Rights.


  1. I enter the system name, tdpid (I'm using localhost) and 'site id'. I also tick the 'Enable System' box.
  2. I enter the password for user 'tdwm' and then click the 'Test' button. THIS WORKS.
  3. I add a new user (Viewpoint) and the password and then click the 'Test' button. THIS WORKS.
  4. I set the Time Zone to 'GMT+0 Dublin, London'.

Because steps 2 and 3 above work I must have the tdpid , usernames and passwords correct. If I login to the system (e.g. using SQLA) and look at DBC.LogonOffV I can see a session for both the TDWM and 'Viewpoint' users logging on and logging off.


However, when I click the 'Apply' button to save my system I get a red triangle next to the 'TDPId' field. Hovering over this triangle the following message is displayed: "Cannot connect to this Teradata database system to determine the system type."


Initially I thought this was a network/tdpid issue, but (as I said above) the 'test' logons work ok, so that should not be the issue.


I then checked the viewpoint log file (/opt/teradata/viewpoint/portal/logs/viewpoint.log) and found the following TD security error:

2018-10-01 11:31:45,137 ERROR [http-nio-9080-exec-4] {context=/MrsAdminPortlet, user=admin} jdbc.TeradataMonitorDAOJDBC.getPhysicalConfig(709) - Error retrieving Monitor Physical Config.

com.teradata.monitor.util.TeradataCliException: [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 3253] [SQLState 42000] Monitor Access Denied:  User has no Monitor Privileges.


So it looks like when you 'Apply' changes to a system definition, VP retrieves the physical config (probably to check Node type). The question then becomes, which user is being used to execute this request.


I have checked the access rights for user TDWM and that has MONSESSION and ABORTSESSION (from 'public' - EDIT these access right are granted directly to the user) as well as 'execute function' on 'Syslib.MonitorPhysicalConfig' (which is what I think VP actually uses based on the messages above).


User Viewpoint has no access rights (apart from automatic ones on itself) because the 'Grant' button is not enabled - and probably won't be until the system definition is 'applied'.


Looking in DBC.LogonOffV after this error has been encountered I notice that the session numbers are not consecutive - there are some session numbers 'missing'. I would expect session numbers to be consecutive - especially on a single PE system like TD Express. So it looks like VP is using an 'under the covers' mechanism to try and retrieve this information, but I don't know which user is being used.


My VP version is at

My dbms version is




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