Data Labs Installation Question

Teradata Employee

Data Labs Installation Question

Hi all

I'm currently using Viewpoint and TD DB: and I am installing the tddatalabsportlets version v15.00.00.04-1.

1. I get the rpm file for tddatalabsportlets v15.00.00.04-1. 

2. Where do I have to install the tddatalabsportlets in the Viewpoint Server.

    Do I need to copy the file to the location 

    /opt/teradata/viewpoint/portlets and then execute the command

    rpm -ivh tddatalabsportlets__SLES10_x8664.

    Is that the right way to commence the data labs portlet installation ?

 3. However Viewpoint Configuration Guide Version 15.00 also mentioned an alternative way to install tddatalabsportlets using PUT(Parallel Upgrade Tool). 

 Which is the right way to install. Is that using rpm -ivh or using Teradata PUT tool. Please recommend.

Teradata Employee

Re: Data Labs Installation Question

It can be either.