Data labs - Default permissions


Data labs - Default permissions

Our Production Teradata environment consists of several business silos across the organisation, each silo comprised of it's own set of databases and permissions. We're setting up datalabs in order to allow users access across these silos. These Datalab users will have read access across multiple silos.

A user created a view of a production table in a Data lab. On executing "Sel * from <viewname>, they received a "An owner referenced by user does not have SELECT WITH GRANT OPTION".

There are at least two possible solutions available:

1. I "grant sel on <prod DB> to <Datalab DB> with grant option" , or

2. I grant it "ALL <Datalab Parent DB>" (under which all our Datalabs reside

So my question is "Is there a best practice method for this scenario when using Datalabs

Teradata Employee

Re: Data labs - Default permissions

I would not suggest creating production table views within the Data Lab environment. Keep access to production within production.