DataLabs: Delegate Lab approval to Lab owner not working


DataLabs: Delegate Lab approval to Lab owner not working


As stated in the manual, "Teradata Data Lab User Guide, Release 15.11", section "Changing Lab Group Thresholds and Approvers":

"4. Do any of the following to select approvers for each request type:
By default, all requests are sent to the lab group owner for approval. Approvals can be
delegated to lab owners or set to automatically approve."


I have changed the lab group setting approvers tab to delegate new lab user requests to the lab owner, however request emails were also sent to the Lab Group owners as well.  The lab owners are a subset of the lab group owners, so not exactly sure if emails sent to both groups or just the Lab Group owners.


As a side note, I raised an incident in regards to another issue on the approvers tab in that when specifying the lab sizes between automatic, lab owner and lag group owner, values need to be in the same size group (MB, GB, TB), otherwise it thinks 2 GB is less than 100 MB.  The incident advised that JIRA DL 2460 has been created to address this.  I though I'd post this issue with the add user approval here before raising another incident.


We are using Viewpoint and Datalabs portlet