Deploy the Sample Portlets

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Re: Deploy the Sample Portlets

Existing portlets from tdpdk-\src do not build via ant due to the following error

C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty>ant clean
Buildfile: build.xml
[get] Getting:
[get] To: C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty\
[get] Error getting to C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopi
[echo] PROJECT NAME: tdbuild-bootstrap
[echo] BASEDIR: C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty

[mkdir] Created dir: C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty\.buildconfig
[get] Getting:
[get] To: C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty\.buildconfig\
[get] Error getting to C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-14.0

C:\Clients\xxx\Teradata\tdpdk-\tdpdk-\Widgetopia_empty\build.xml:13: The following error occurred while executing this line:

Total time: 0 seconds

New portlets created via portletgenerator do not fail in this way because .buildconfig folder is created by portletgenerator. For now i have just generated .buildconfig by recreating a protlet with the same name and adding this folder so that i can experiment with the widgetopia portlet.

Hopefully the ant config files will get fixed in the PDK release.

Re: Deploy the Sample Portlets

i should also add that ignoreerrors="true" is set and this is not the issue
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Re: Deploy the Sample Portlets

Has anyone solved this problem. does not exist.  I am using PDK 14.01

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Re: Deploy the Sample Portlets

Do you have any idea, how to generate portlets for PDK 14.11 (Viewpoint 2.0)