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Disable TASM


Is there a setting to turn off TASM functionality ? I've looked in the TASM and TIWM orange books and searched the manuals some, but haven't not been able to find if this is possible / how to do it. 


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Re: Disable TASM

From the Viewpoint User Guide in the Workload Designer portlet section:

Deactivating a Ruleset

Deactivating a ruleset removes the ruleset from the active state on the selected system. The Teradata Viewpoint Administrator must grant your role permission to edit rulesets so you can complete this action.

From the Workload Designer view, select a system from the list.

In the system Active section, click the ruleset and select Deactivate.

In SLES 11, the deactivate option is not available because there must always be an active ruleset.

Hope that helps. If SLES11, you would need to activate a ruleset with no TASM type configuration.