Getting Started with Viewpoint PDK

Teradata Viewpoint is Teradata's strategic and innovative SOV (single operational view) for Teradata DB, Aster, and HDP Hadoop systems management and monitoring that enables Teradata's Unified Data Architecture (UDA).
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Getting Started with Viewpoint PDK

The Viewpoint Portlet Development Kit (PDK) is a set of APIs, user interface widgets, styles and other assets that allow you to develop portlets for Teradata Viewpoint. The PDK also includes a "lite" version of Viewpoint that you can run on your desktop. You can download Viewpoint PDK here.


  • Intermediate understanding of the Java programming language
  • Intermediate to advanced level of Javascript, HTML, and CSS web programming experience
  • Understanding of the Spring MVC framework
  • Understanding of JDBC

To begin, we'll install the Viewpoint Development Portal, a cut-down version of the full Viewpoint release, onto your local desktop. Then we'll deploy the sample portlet, and finally we'll take a guided tour of the Widgetopia portlet.

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