Idle session Limit

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Idle session Limit

Dear Friends,


Could you please let me know,


1) There are number of sesions in system is idle which impact perfomances are not? approx 170 sessions (4 nodes and 144 amps)

2) what is maximum number of session we can allow to be an idle.

3) why sessions are not getting aborted even after user logout from the reporting tools or JDBC connections. is there any timer setting to control. 


Thanks in advance!



Re: Idle session Limit

They don't impact performance, but may impact the ability of logging on new sessions.

As a Parsing Engine allows up to 120 sessions and you probably got the default 2 PEs per node you will have 8*120=960 session available on your system. If you start running out of session you should abort prolonged idle end user sessions (can be automatically done using Viewpoint).


When a session is not disconnected the logoff is either not programmed correctly in the client (and should be fixed) or the reporting tool might use a session pool (and then it's by design)