Indicating Activity with a Throbber

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Indicating Activity with a Throbber

A throbber is a visual indication of activity within the portlet, similar to the hourglass cursor in a Windows application. It "throbs" to notify the user that the portlet is in the middle of an activity and might be temporarily unresponsive.

How Do I Use a Throbber?

If you're using the TDPortalManager to process your AJAX calls, as in this tutorial, then it is easy to add a throbber to your portlet. You simply need an element in the portlet header with a class of "throbber-normal".

Implementing a Throbber for AJAX Refreshes

Continuing in your SkewedSessions portlet, you can easily display a throbber during AJAX refreshes by modifying the summary-content.jsp, as shown:


<vp:portletHeaderOverlay state="all" mode="append" namespace="${context}">
<div class="headerItem">${preferences.system} (Skew: <fmt:formatNumber value="${ampCpuSkew}"
maxFractionDigits="0" />%)</div>
<div id="${context}_throbber" class="throbber-normal"
style="margin-left: 5px; margin-top: 3px;">&nbsp;</div>

Now when your portlet refreshes, you should see a throbber displayed in the portlet header.

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