Overview of Teradata Viewpoint 15.10

Teradata Viewpoint is Teradata's strategic and innovative SOV (single operational view) for Teradata DB, Aster, and HDP Hadoop systems management and monitoring that enables Teradata's Unified Data Architecture (UDA).

Re: Overview of Teradata Viewpoint 15.10

Hi Shirty

We have just setup viewpoint 15.11, database is at 15.00.

I'm trying to setup the Query Log data collector, and after granting permisson to PDCRDATA, we are getting the error (red ! on Query Log data collector):

   "Unable to collect QueryLogHst data and flush to cache! Time zone has not been assigned for system DTD1 (id: 2)."

Checking the DBS control settings, we have:

   16. System Timezone Hour = 0

   17. System Timezone Minute = 0

   18 System Timezone String = Australian Eastern

Can you advise how tom resolve this error.




Re: Overview of Teradata Viewpoint 15.10


We have found the issue.

Need to fill the new TimeZone field under: Monitored Systems->Setup->General System Details



Re: Overview of Teradata Viewpoint 15.10

Hi Shrity,

1) How to get PDCR_Daily_OpsReport in 16.20 for the job's scheduled through Performance Data Collection portlet? 

Earlier when scheduled in cron we used to get this alert after daily pdcr job completion.


2) How to get email alert for  warning sign PDCR Job's ?