Stats Manager - exclude certain databases


Stats Manager - exclude certain databases


I'm in the process of setting up Stats Manager collect jobs to refresh stats.  I already have a process where all new databases created provide statistics access to the Stats Manager user (TDStats in our case), and new stats are automated to allow collection.

The issue I have, is that we have certain databases that we don't want stats recollected, so trying to work out the best way to do this, as there is no exlude option.  For the collect job, I would like to use the custom object list with wild cards, so that I can collect all current stats as well as future stats that will be created under the same wild card entry.  For example, the collect job has a wild card of DV% so all these databases current and in the future (as automate job will pick up) will have their stats refreshed.  I would however like to exclude databases ending in WORK_DB from this list, but can't see an easy way to do this.  If the collect job is changed to explicity list the databases excluding the WORK_DB's, then new database created in the future will need to be added to this collect job.  At the moment I have left the collect job with the wild card, but then removed the STATISTICS


Re: Stats Manager - exclude certain databases

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......  but then removed the STATISTICS access on the WORK_DB's from the TDStats user, which means that the collect job still tries to collect the statistics for these databases and fails, which isn't really ideal.

Is there any other way to accomplish this without having collect statements fail, or will there be an exclude option in future releases.


PS The WORK_DB's do have stats, and either need to remain stale so optimiser chooses the correct plan (don't want to get into the reason why in this post), or the ETL will refresh as required.


We are running Viewpoint 16.00 on our TD 15.00 database.